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Yellow Melon: Winter Delight to Savor and Nourish

Yellow melon is a winter fruit characterized by its intense yellow skin and white or greenish, very sweet and juicy pulp. It's a melon that can be enjoyed until Christmas, as it preserves well. As a chef, you could use yellow melon to prepare delicious desserts, smoothies, salads, or gazpachos. Yellow melon is a fruit that provides plenty of water, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it ideal for staying hydrated and taking care of yourself. Yellow melon is a fruit that delights both the palate and the eyes.

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Yellow Melon: Culinary Versatility and Health Benefits

Yellow melon is a fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or in various culinary preparations. Its pulp is very sweet and juicy, with a crispy texture reminiscent of a pear. It can be used to make desserts, smoothies, salads, gazpachos, or sauces. It pairs well with other ingredients such as cheese, ham, seafood, yogurt, or mint. It's a fruit that adds a touch of color and flavor to dishes.

Gastronomy: savoring the flavor of Yellow Melon worldwide

Yellow melon is a fruit consumed in many countries worldwide, especially in Asia and Europe. In Spain, it is mainly cultivated in the Canary Islands and Valencia, where there's a native variety called "melon de Onteniente" or "golden melon." In Italy, it's known as "Christmas melon" because it's often served during year-end festivities. In Japan, it's called "melón arus" or Japanese melon, highly prized for its sweetness and high price. In China, it's referred to as "melon hami" or Chinese melon, being the most common in that region.

History: A Millennia-old Journey of Yellow Melon to Our Plates

The origin of yellow melon is uncertain, but it's believed to have originated in Africa or Asia. Ancient Egyptians were known to cultivate it over 4,000 years ago, and Greeks and Romans introduced it to Europe. Arabs brought it to Spain during the Middle Ages, and from there it spread across the continent. Spanish explorers took it to the Americas in the 16th century, and English colonists introduced it to North America in the 17th century.

Health: Nutrient-Rich Yellow Melon for Your Well-being

Yellow melon is a fruit with numerous health benefits due to its high content of water, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Among its properties are:

  • Hydration: Prevents dehydration and quenches thirst.
  • Digestion: Facilitates digestion and combats constipation.
  • Detoxification: Helps eliminate toxins and retained fluids.
  • Immunity: Strengthens the immune system and prevents infections.
  • Aesthetics: Improves the appearance and health of skin and hair.
  • Regulation: Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Vision: Protects vision and prevents macular degeneration.
  • Weight Control: Low in calories and aids in weight management.

Agriculture: Cultivation and Harvesting of Yellow Melon

Yellow melon is a climbing herbaceous plant belonging to the cucurbitaceae family, like pumpkins, cucumbers, or watermelons. It's cultivated in warm and sunny climates, with fertile and well-drained soils. It requires abundant and frequent watering, especially during flowering and fruiting phases. It can be sown directly in the soil or in protected seedbeds. It's harvested when the skin turns a deep yellow color, and the pulp is firm and sweet. It can be stored for several months if kept in a cool and dry place.

Botany: Yellow Melon and its Variety in the Plant Kingdom

Yellow melon is a variety of Cucumis melo, a species with many subspecies and cultivars. Within the Inodorus group, to which yellow melon belongs, two main types can be distinguished: Canarian yellow melon and golden yellow melon. The former has an elongated oval shape, smooth and shiny lemon-yellow skin, and white or greenish pulp with small seeds.

Chilled Yellow Melon Cream with Ham: Refreshing Summer Recipe

Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • 1 ripe yellow melon
  • 200 ml heavy cream
  • 100 g thinly sliced serrano ham
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds with a spoon.
  2. Peel the fruit and cut it into small pieces. Reserve some pieces for decoration.
  3. Place the melon in the blender and blend until obtaining a fine puree.
  4. Gradually add the heavy cream while continuing to beat until achieving a homogeneous and light cream.
  5. Season to taste with salt and pepper and pass the cream through a fine sieve to remove possible strands or lumps. Reserve in the refrigerator until well chilled.
  6. Cut the ham into strips or small cubes and sauté them lightly in a pan without oil until crispy.
  7. Drain them on kitchen paper and set aside.
  8. Serve the melon cream in deep plates or individual bowls. Garnish with the reserved melon pieces and the crispy ham. If desired, add some mint or basil leaves for a touch of

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La manzana Golden es una de las variedades de manzana más populares y ampliamente cultivadas en el mundo. Tiene una piel fina y brillante de color amarillo dorado, y su carne es firme, jugosa y crujiente, con un sabor dulce y ligeramente ácido. Es excelente para comer cruda como refrigerio, pero también es ideal para cocinar y hornear en una variedad de platos, desde tartas y pasteles hasta compotas y mermelada. La manzana Golden se caracteriza por su durabilidad, por lo que puede ser almacenada durante semanas sin perder su sabor ni su textura. Debido a su popularidad, esta manzana se encuentra disponible en casi todas las tiendas de comestibles y mercados de frutas.


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La ciruela claudia tiene una piel de color verde claro o amarillento, con manchas moradas o rojas. Su pulpa es verde amarillenta, jugosa y ácida. Su hueso es pequeño y se desprende fácilmente de la carne. La ciruela claudia se puede consumir fresca o seca, tanto como fruta o como ingrediente de postres, mermeladas, compotas y licores. La ciruela claudia es una fruta de verano que se cosecha entre julio y septiembre. La ciruela claudia tiene propiedades nutritivas, antioxidantes, laxantes y depurativas.


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