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Eat your fruits instead of drinking them
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Eat your fruits instead of drinking them

The choice between eating whole fruit or drinking it as juice depends on various factors and personal preferences. Drinking fruit juice can have certain advantages:

Convenience: Fruit juices are convenient and can be a quick option to obtain essential nutrients when you're on the go.

Variety: Juices allow for a greater variety of fruit combinations, which can be appealing to those seeking different flavors.

Hydration: Juices also contribute to total liquid intake and can be a refreshing option, especially in warm climates.

Faster digestion: The body can absorb nutrients from juices more quickly than from whole fruit since it doesn't have to break down the fiber.

However, there are several reasons to prefer eating fruit instead of consuming it in juice form. Here are some important reasons:


When you eat whole fruit, you are consuming the fiber found in the pulp. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Lower Sugar Content

Fruit juices often contain higher concentrations of sugars and less fiber than whole fruit. Consuming natural fruit sugar along with fiber slows down sugar absorption, preventing spikes in blood sugar levels.


Chewing fruit activates a feeling of fullness in the brain. Eating whole fruit can help control hunger and prevent overconsumption of calories, something that juices don't achieve in the same way.

Fewer Calories

In general, a piece of whole fruit has fewer calories than the same amount of fruit in juice form. This is because juices often include multiple pieces of fruit per serving, thereby increasing the calorie count.

Vitamins and Antioxidants

Some vitamins and antioxidants present in fruit may be lost during the juicing process. Eating whole fruit ensures that you get all the available nutrients.


Chewing fruit stimulates saliva production, which not only aids in digestion but can also contribute to a greater sense of satisfaction after eating.